Anonimuz is a 2×7 Forced-Matrix Bitcoin (BTC) Donation System that allows a user to sign up with 0.001BTC and invite just two persons. This system is 100% legit and guarantees total donations up to 40 BTC.

When you join Anonimuz, you join a community of like-minded members that are interested in subscribing to valuable content and services. Our subscription membership is private, and you can only join by being invited through a member's subscribe link.

Anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet, and the willingness to become a member can become a member of Anonimuz.

We only use Bitcoin to make it easy for members to make contributions to other members.

Yes, you can, but we recommended that you do not stack them. For example, you create another personal account under your first account. This act is called stacking and is an unethical practice.

All contributions happen between members, and it is up to members to reach an agreement amongst themselves if they allow refunds or not.

The only places we recommend you to get a Bitcoin wallet is at blockchain.com and coinomi.com. These wallets offer much flexibility.

There are NO monthly subscriptions in Anonimuz. The current subscription tenure is set to 365 days and is subject to review, pending a consensus agreement from all members.

You can upgrade to the next level at any moment so that you don't miss out on contributions coming to you for those levels. You will also see an alert on your dashboard as soon as you are due for an upgrade.

Everyone can have their own unique experience in the system. It is best to upgrade the moment you can. If you don't upgrade, you will miss contributions for inactive levels when there are members below you on those levels who rise fast.

You will need to find your own two people to join you, and you can then help them find their two people to grow your team. Don't rely on or expect spill-overs.

Pyramid schemes mean that only the top members of the hierarchy get paid whereas Anonimuz allows every member to earn the same amount by doing the same amount of work. You can receive more contributions than the person who signed you up, that fact makes Anonimuz a fair system.

There are a few factors that will influence which signup page you will see. 1) You will need to be signed out. 2) You will need to use the link of the person you want to sign up with. If you see the Admin link then you've not followed the previous 2 rules, or you might need to clear your cookies.

It may happen that you selected the wrong Hash ID when you upgraded or that you did not follow the safe rule of only using blockchain.com to make your subscription payments in the program.

If your subscriptions are in arrears, for any level that you have upgraded to, then the subscriptions that would have come to you, for that particular level, will bypass you and go up to the relevant upline level that missed your subscription payment, if they are qualified. For example: If someone on your level 3, in your matrix, is either upgrading to level 3 or is paying their subscription for level 3, if you are qualified, you will receive that subscription payment. If you are not yet on level 3 or you are in arrears on your level 3 subscription, the subscription payment will bypass you and go to your level 3 upline, if they are qualified to receive a level 3 subscription payment, meaning they are already on level 3 and they are current with their level 3 subscriptions. It works the same way with the regular upgrades and the subscriptions... so don't get skipped!

The Subscription Payments is a unique feature of Anonimuz. Why would you want to be paid once only when you can be paid repeatedly? You pay your subscription payment for level 1 and in turn, you receive 2 such payments, essentially doubling your money. Do that with every level as your income grows and you will soon reach the stage where you will receive much more than what you put in. This is not a race, take your time, build your network and you will reach the heights you've never thought possible.

In some countries, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives out static IPs (internet address that does not change) to their clients while most give dynamic IPs to their clients (internet address that does change). This is an added security feature available to members who have Static IPs if they choose to use it. Members whose IPs regularly change, that will be most of the world, should not use this function as it will lock you out of your account once your IP changes.

If you are not able to find 2 people, then you first need to go learn how to recruit, then come join the program. You can consult with your team leader to enlighten you more on how to about the process of recruiting. You can as well share your referral link on your social media pages to see if others will be interested in the program. In most cases, more than two persons will join using your referral link when you share them publicly.

It is important to follow the following two rules before upgrading to any level. (1) You should have received enough from your current level from your downline to cover the cost of upgrading to the next level. (2) You should have members in your downline on the level you are upgrading to ready to pay you back your upgrade cost.